Kirkmayer System Generators

Our NEXT GENERATION Patented System Generators are built with advanced technology that is not found with any other system in the market.

  • Cell warranty which is 2-3 times longer than any other manufacturer
  • 260% less power consumption over other Electrolyzed Water Systems
  • 15% less power consumption over other Electrolyzed Water Systems
  • 300% less salt consumption over other Electrolyzed Water Systems
  • No cell overheating ~ Double Cooling Feature
  • Catholyte 10 x more concentrated


System Cell Warranty is a integral part of the system purchase!

We offer system cell warranties which far exceed any other manufacturer! Simply put our cells will not overheat ... they are built to last!

Cell Technology ~ Performance | Design

MOST ADVANCED “Conical” Design of anode flange. Patent on Design and on the Method
No Overheating of cells. No direct contact with the anode and the end caps
No Threads to attach the end caps to the anode. Simple “Viton” O-Ring seals anode into the end caps.
High Quality end cap material
Patented Conical Anode Design eliminates heat transfer which could cause expansion force to the end caps and potentially crack the end caps causing leakage
Low Cost Cell Repair Kits makes it very easy to repair and replace
Anode and Cathode made from Titanium metal. Considered to be the strongest, most durable metal.

Cell Technology ~ Anode | Cathode

Double Cooling of of the Anode and the Cathode eliminates cell overheating. This patented cell technology is just one more reason why our systems outperform and out last our competition!

Choosing Your System Generator Supplier...

Choosing your System Generator Supplier is the most important aspect of purchasing your system. When it comes to reliability the cell is the key integral part of the entire system. The design of the cell together with the warranty coverage generally is a good indicator of what you can expect in system performance.